Year In Service to the Black River Valley

Overview: Year In Service (YIS) is an opportunity for a college student to take a year away from the academic world to work for multiple not-for-profit and government agencies in the Black River Valley of New York in the region between Boonville in the south to Carthage in the north.  The student must demonstrate a commitment to returning to college studies in the year following YIS.  The student will work on special projects for short periods of time, having the opportunity to work with different agencies performing a variety of tasks as assigned by the Executive Director of the Pratt Northam Foundation.

 Job Description: YIS will require a student to work a maximum of 35 hours per week from July 1, 2012 until June 30, 2013.   The job may require weekend and evening work.  The YIS student must have transportation to any worksite in the designated region.  Any required travel more than 35 miles from Lowville will be reimbursed at the prevailing mileage rate as established by Pratt Northam.  Prior skills May be required.  The following skills are preferred: 

       1.  Comfort with meeting and working with new people

2.      Eagerness to learn and serve

3.      Demonstrated commitment to timeliness

4.      Listens to direction, resulting in becoming self-directed

5.      Familiarity with word processing, database, spreadsheet and internet


For YIS, the student will be paid the prevailing minimum wage for New York State on an hourly basis.  The YIS student can accrue .5 days per month paid leave for personal business or illness. 

Upon successful completion of the full 52-week contract of service, the YIS student will be awarded a $6,000 scholarship for the remaining years of the academic program suspended for the YIS year.  The scholarship monies will be divided evenly for each year remaining in the academic program and awarded annually in October, as long as the student continues to pursue the college degree and remains in good academic standing.  

YIS Student Applications: Students interested in more information or wanting to make an application may contact: Karen Petersen, Executive Director

                                                     Pratt Northam Foundation

Applications are due by April 30, 2012.   A contract will be offered to a student by May 15, 2012.

The YIS student must live in the Black River region between Boonville and Carthage during YIS.   A YIS student could be any student delaying a college academic program: a graduated high school Senior delaying the start of college for a year, a two-year graduate delaying the start of a baccalaureate program, a student delaying the start of a postgraduate program or a student taking a "year off" from studies. 

Worksite Application:  Any not-for-profit or government (federal, state or local) agency with offices in the Black River region between Boonville and Carthage may request YIS worksite application.  Requests for applications may be made by letter, telephone or e-mail to:   Tom Yousey, Executive Director

                                                            Pratt Northam Foundation
                                                            PO Box 104
                                                            Lowville, NY 13367

YIS work time at any one agency should be for an extended period of time (2 to 6 months) and project specific.  The YIS student should be involved in a specific project(s) during the time with an agency and should have the opportunity to see a project to completion or through the completion of a significant portion of a project.  YIS work time should be performed side-by-side with agency employees.  It is preferred that YIS work time result in benefits to the community.

Employment Application

Worksite Application