Summer Programs for Young People

1. Workership

The Workership Program provides 400 hours of summer employment at minimum wage for students accepted and enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate academic program at a two-year or four-year college for the following Fall semester.

When the Workership Program was proposed in 1981 by Donald Exford, Coordinator of the Lewis County Youth Board, the program was designed to meet two goals: 1. Serve the needs of more college students than the previous scholarship program, and 2. Provide job experience related to the college student's area of study in preparation for career employment. The program was intended to serve students from middle-class families, who typically were not eligible for government supported summer work programs. Further, the program was planned to fill the need for summer help for local nonprofit and government programs serving youth. Workership positions were not intended to replace permanent or part-time positions already filled. But instead, workership positions were to be new positions completing work that traditionally would not get done.


 Pictured here, on the left, is Duncan O'Brien, a Digital Forensics major at SUNY Albany, working at the Dodge Pratt Northam Art and Community Center in Boonville as an assistant in their Robotics program for young people. On the right is Bobbi Sue Schmitt, an Early Childhood major at SUNY Cobleskill, serving as the lead teacher for the Hand In Hand school age childcare program in Lowville.

Not-for-profit and government programs delivering services in the area between Boonville and Carthage are urged to apply to sponsor a workership postion(s). Worksite applicants are reminded that workership sites are selected based upon the following criteria:

1.      Workership position provides programming directly to youth.

2.      Workership position indirectly supports programming for youth.

3.      Workership position provides a quality work experience helping a college student build skills and credentials towards a career path.

4.      Workership position relates to the student's field of study.  The student receives internship or academic credit for the summer work.

5.     Workership positions results in work being accomplished for the community that probably would not have been accomplished without the student serving in the position.


 Pictured here on the left is Mindy Maryhugh, an English Education major at Utica College, serving as the 4-H program assistant for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Lewis County. On the right from left to right, please see Patti-Ann Strait,a Psychology major at Clarkson University, and Hannah Nortz, a Nursing student at SUNY IT, surrounding the Camp Director at Camp Unirondack in Number 4, NY. Patti-Ann serves the camp as a crew member and Hannah works as the camp's driver.

In recent years due to increases in the minimum wage, the Foundation has been unable to support as many positions. In 2016, the Foundation is sponsoring 49 workership positions at 42 sites at a cost $167,000. Here is the list of sites and positions, along with contact information for information about each position:

Adirondack Mennonite Camping Association
1 Counselor, 1 Waterfront Instructor (Beaver Camp)
Keith Zehr - 315-376-2640

American Maple Museum
1 Assistant Curator
Christine Colon - 315-346-1107

Boonville Black River Canal Museum
1 Interpreter
Barbara Ferris - 315-942-6763

Boonville Fair
1 Event Coordinator
Kelly Ulrich - 315-942-2251

Boonville Youth Athletic Association
1 Umpire/Mentor
Joel Marmon - 315-269-1044

Camp Unirondack
1 Crew Member, 1 Driver
Kristofer Fiore - 518-744-9362

Carthage Area Hospital
1 position
Diana Marshall - 315-519-5489

Carthage Free Library
1 Library Aide
Linda McCullough - 315-493-2620

Constableville Library
1 Youth Program Director
Dorothy Valenti - 315-397-2801

Constable Hall
1 Docent
Edward Bullis - 315-397-2219

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Lewis County Careers Here Program
2 4-H Interns
 Michele Ladoux - 315-376-5270

Dodge Pratt Northam Art Center
1 Art Mentor, 1  Musical Theater Mentor
1 Robotic Mentor
JoAnn Ballard - 315-942-5133

Double Play Community Center
1 Recreation Assistant
1 Youth Program Development Assistant
Dan Meyers - 315-955-9936

Erwin Library & Institute
1 Library Aide
Donna Ripp - 315-376-9414

Great Lot Sportsman Club
1 Trail Maintenance Worker
Guy Case - 315-378-7592

Hand In Hand Early Childhood Center
1 Summer SACC Program Assistant
1 Early Childhood Teacher Assistant
Jennifer Bleakley - 315-376-9414

Harrisville Free Library
2 Summer Reading Assistants
Pamela Conlin -  315-771-6771

Lewis County General Hospital
1 Community Relations Assistant
Christina Flint - 315-376-5001


Lewis County Trails and Forestry
1 Recreation, Forestry, Parks Intern
Jacqueline Mahoney - 315-376-5972

Lewis County Chamber of Commerce
1 Administrative Assistant
Kristen Aucter - 315-376-2213

Lewis County Historical Society
1 Research Assistant
Jerry Perrin - 315-376-8957

Lewis County Opportunities
2 Community Action Aides
Scott Mathys - 315-376-8202

Lewis County Soil + Water Conservation District
1 Water Quality Intern
Nichelle Billhardt - 315-376-6122

Lowville Free Library
1 Summer Reading Program Coordinator
Megan Harney - 315-376-2131

Lyons Falls Free Library
1 Youth Program Coordinator
Carolyn LeVan - 315-348-6180

Mountain View Prevention Services
2 Super Stage Interns
Arlene Hall - 315-376-2321

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
1 Forestry Aide
Glen Roberts - 315-376-3521

Oswegatchie Educational Center
1 Camp Counselor, 1 Forestry Worker
Bill Waite -315-346-1222

Railway Historical Society of NNY
1 Assistant Curator
Laurie Halladay - 315-346-6848

Village of West Carthage
1 DPW GPS Intern
(Position is filled for College Credit)

Jefferson/Lewis Workforce Development
7 Careers Here,  3 BOCES Careers Here
See Below


Careers Here: Summer jobs for college students and BOCES juniors or graduates who desire a work experience directly related to their career plans and college/ BOCES major (BOCES students may apply for a Careers Here Position after successful completion of one OR two years of their program). Placements can be in private sector businesses. To apply: a candidate should send a cover letter describing their career goals and how this experience would help in achieving those goals and a resume (being sure to include phone and e-mail contact information) to: Careers Here

1000 Coffeen St.
Watertown, NY 13601
Attn.: Julie Daniels


 One the left, please find Jordan Andre, an Economics and Pre-law major at Hartwick College, serving in a Careers Here positon with the Young Law Firm in Lowville. On the right, please see Indy Martin, a Criminal Justice major at Jefferson Community College, and John Walker, a second-year student in the Conservation program at Jefferson-Lewis BOCES. Indy and John work in BOCES Careers Here positions with the Lewis County Parks and Trails department.

2. Summer Recreation Program Grant

Beginning in the summer of 2009, the Foundation invited government and not-for-profit organizations that provide summer recreation programming for children and young people to apply for a Summer Recreation Program Grant.
Rec. Programs are ineligible to apply for workership funding. 

Summer Recreation Program Grant monies may be used to fund any aspect of a program: staff salaries and benefits, rental of equipment, supplies, transportation, etc. A Pratt Northam summer recreation grant should fund summer programming that would not be provided without the grant. A recreation grant program request may not exceed 20% of a program's total summer program budget and it is expected that a grant request would not exceed $5 per student served by the program.

The following Recreation Programs received funding for the summer of 2017

Beaver River CS                                                      $1,739
Town of Greig                                                           $2,500
Village of Boonville                                                   $3,000
Village of Carthage                                                   $8,000
Village of Lowville                                                    $4,000


 Pictured here is Victoria Quay, a student at Gordon College from Lowville, leading an activity at the School-age Childcare Program at Hand In Hand Early Childhood Center.


November 15, 2017 - Worksite Applications Distributed to Previous Recipients

December 1, 2017 - Worksite and Rec. Grant Application Press Announcements

January 10, 2018 - Worksite and Rec. Applications Due

February 7, 2018 - Board Awards Grants

February 21, 2018  - Workership and Rec Grant Applicants Notified of Funding via email

              Worksites and Rec. Grant Recipients posted on Pratt Notham website

March 15, 2018  - Workership  "Want Ads" published in 3 local newspapers

May 1, 2018  - Workership and Rec. Grant Checks Mailed